Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Kathmandu

In this article, we will be discussing the best journalism and mass communication colleges in Kathmandu. Journalism and mass communication differ based on their medium, audience, and target as well as on the type of information. Let’s know what exactly is journalism and mass communication is?

Journalism is the act of gathering, creating, assessing, and presenting news and information. It is about exchanging information based on news, views or ideas. In addition, journalism mainly deals with non-fiction communication. It is about conveying information on different topics to the literate public in different occasions.

Mass Communication deals with communicating to the masses through communication mediums. This includes media ( or mediums) like radio, television, print, websites, social media, etc. The sender of the message is usually a professional communicator that often represents an organization.

Examples of Mass communication are advertising, news, public relations, etc. Mass communication is an expensive process. Unlike interpersonal communication, feedback for mass communication is usually slow and indirect.

Journalism and Mass Communication Scope

Career is not defined by a specific subject. You will not have a bright and golden career in any of the fields unless you give your 100% in what you are doing. However, talking about the scope of the Journalism and Mass Communication in Nepal, there is huge potential in this field. What I mean by this is, opportunity does not come to you, you should create it.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in the field of journalism and Mass Communication, the first thing you should have is a ‘nose for news’. You should have a keen interest in current affairs which you can present in understandable to the public. You must be a group worker and be able to handle criticism. A journalist has the power to change society and even the country.

So, are you looking for the best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Kathmandu? Then, here is the list of best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Kathmandu.

Table: Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Kathmandu

Name Address  Contact
Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus Pradarshani Marg, Bhrikutimandap – Kathmandu, Kathmandu 01-4230084, 01-4225819
College of Journalism and Mass Communication Kapan Marg, Kathmandu 01-4811985, 9841324617
Sephard College New Baneshowr, Kanti Marg, Kathmandu 01-4488274
Thames International College  Surya Bikram Galli Marg, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu 01-4464584, 01-4465660
Sagarmatha Multiple Campus Ghattekulo marg, Dillibazar, Kathmandu 01-4433334, 01-4433810
Polygon College Maternity Hospital Rd, Babarmahal, Kathmandu 01-4228452, 9808677419
Madan Bhandari Memorial College New Baneshwor, Kathmandu 01-5172175
Triton International College Subidhanagar, Tinkune – Kathmandu 01-5104529, 01-5104450

List of Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Kathmandu

1.    Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus

Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus is one of the oldest colleges of Nepal established in 2018 BS. Initially, Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus only offered Intermediate of Arts Courses with various majors of Humanities and Social Sciences in the morning shifts. But later it upgraded to BA level in 2021 B.S. Since 2024 B.S.Now, Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus is one of the best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Kathmandu.

Since 2031, Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus has been well-known as the center of Humanities and Social Sciences, a renowned constituent campus of Tribhuvan University till date. The campus-run BA programs and Master programs in various subjects. At Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus, you will get regular classes in a conducive and home-like environment with multi-media modes with experienced faculty with a foreign university degree. You can check the list of the program offered by Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus.

Programs Offered

  1.  BA level (Nepali, English, Economics, Political Science, History, Geography, Home Science, Mathematics, Music, Psychology, Population Studies, Sociology & Anthropology, Journalism & Mass Communication, Rural Development, Bachelor’s in Social Work, etc.
    2.    Master level (Nepali, English, Economics, Population Studies, Sociology, Political Science, Journalism & Mass Communication)
    Location – Pradarshani Marg, Bhrikutimandap – Kathmandu

2.    College of Journalism and Mass Communication

AS the name suggests, the College of Journalism and Mass Communication (CJMC) is established for Journalism and Mass Communication students. It is located at Kapan, Kathmandu and offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses affiliated with Purbanchal University (PU).

                                        College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Image Source:

It was established with the vision of a centering for excellence in Journalism for the whole of Nepal and open variety of faculties and disciplines under journalism and mass communication.

College of Journalism and Mass Communication (CJMC) aims to be a center for excellence in Journalism for the whole of Nepal. It provides an Integrated, practical and In-depth understanding of journalism. It is committed to educating Journalists and students on the functional and operational capabilities of new media technologies. You can remember CJMC for quality education at an affordable fee by experienced and competent faculty members.

Programs Offered

  1.  Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism
    2.    Master in Mass Communication and Journalism
    3.    Master in Development Communication
    Location – Kapan Marga, Kapan – Kathmandu

3.    Shepherd College

In the list of our best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Kathmandu, here is Shepherd College. It is one of the best institutions for those students who want to make their future in the media sector.

Shepherd College is affiliation to Purbanchal University has helped generate several Batches every year in BMT and MMT and getting proficient in Media, IT and Mass communication skills. As a first media technology education hub in Nepal, it has been arming its students with top journalism courses and practical experiences that align with their desired dream job for more than a decade.

College’s well-equipped library gives you access to our online resources, archives, and course materials while simultaneously giving you access to numerous media books. Apart from providing its students with a dynamic, practical environment, we believe it is our duty to help students design creative approaches to overcome numerous hurdles. This persistent and consistent effort of the faculty, students, and alumni have helped it hold a top-notch position in Media Education in Nepal.

As the demand of Media position has been increasing in Nepal, Shepherd College of Media Technology has expanded its program from the Bachelor of Media Technology to Master of Media Technology. Simultaneously seeing the need for a four-year bachelors media degree, we expanded our three year Bachelor of Media Technology course to a four-year program. This has enabled its students to gain recognition abroad for university admissions and global jobs. So, we strongly recommend joining this college for Journalism and Mass Communication course.

Programs Offered

  1.  Bachelor in Arts (Media Technology)
    2.    Masters in Media Technology
    Location – Kanti Marg, New Baneshwor – Kathmandu

4.    Thames International College

Thames International College is located in Surya Bikram Galli, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. It comprises of two schools – School of Business and Technology and School of Social Sciences and Center for Continuing Education.

The School of Business Technology offers a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Information Management (BIM), Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA), and Bachelor in Business Management (BBM).

Similarly, the School of Social Sciences offers a Bachelor in Social Work (BSW), Bachelor in Rural Development (BRD), Bachelor in Sociology (BSO), and Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJM). And the Center for Continuing Education offers Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor in Political Science (BPS), and Master in Business Studies (MBS).

The college comprises experienced academicians and student-centric environment that enables students to make independent choices as well as develop and understand the value of leadership in order to face the real world challenges.

Thames offers a small classroom setting to enhance interactive learning.

Programs Offered

  1.  Master in Business Studies for Professionals
    2.    CMAT Preparation Course
    3.    Bachelor in Information Management
    4.    Bachelor in Business Administration
    5.    Bachelor in Business Management
    6.    Bachelor in Computer Application
    7.    Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication
    8.    Bachelor in Social Work
    9.    Bachelor in Political Science
    10.    Bachelor in Rural Development
    11.    Bachelor in Sociology
    12.    Bachelor in Business Studies

5.    Sagarmatha Multiple College

Sagarmatha Multiple College (SM College) was founded by Nepal’s well-known educationists, academicians, and scholars. It is one also one of the best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Kathmandu.

Sagarmatha College has its 12-year long history, demonstrating its quality, dedication, and commitment. The College Management expresses hearty gratitude to all of its valued parents/guardians for their continued support, advice, feedback and warm affection they have shown for the College. The college is confident that their invaluable support will continue in the future.

SM College has a vision for the country, for the parents and for the new generation of Nepal to shoulder the process of nation-building and social change through innovative and creative education.

College is dedicated to the production of social scientists, media workers and other professionals required for nation building. So, if you are thinking of joining Journalism and Mass Communication colleges around Ghattekulo, Sagarmatha Multiple College might be your last stop.

Programs Offered

  1.  Ten plus two(+2) in Science, Management, Humanities, and Social Science
    2.    Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS)
    3.    Bachelor of Business Administration(BBS)
    4.    Bachelor of Arts(BA)
    5.    Bachelor in social work(BBS)
    6.    Master of Arts(MA)
    Location – Ghattekulo marg, Dillibazar – Kathmandu

6.    Polygon College

Polygon College is affiliated to Purbanchal University (PU) and offers Master of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism. The college aims to develop the college as the pioneer in journalism and Mass Communication field.

The college has been providing with the wider knowledge for research and its application to training the students in critical thinking, problem-based learning and appreciates thinking.

Polygon College consists of renowned lecturers, famous media persons and enthusiastic youth as students and experienced media persons in management.

Programs Offered

  1.  Master of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism (MA)
    Location – Maternity Hospital Rd, Babarmahal – Kathmandu

7.    Madan Bhandari Memorial College

In the list of best journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Kathmandu, we should not miss out Madan Bhandari Memorial College (MBM). It has been providing quality education in various programs since 2001. This institution is non-profit in nature and developed by Madan Bhandari Foundation.

Colleges running classes in the morning, day and evening shifts. This renowned educational institution is being supported by the high caliber and professional teams. Different events are supported at this institution. Like the pupils are motivated to indulge in sports as well as the cultural programme.

Another benefit for joining this college is they provide a great opportunity to the MBM pupils to study in China and the scholarship provided by the Chinese government. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Programs Offered

  1.  +2 (Science, Management, Humanities, Education)
    2.    Bachelor of Arts
    3.    Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS)
    4.    Bachelor of Education (BEd)
    5.    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology(B.Sc.CSIT).
    6.    Master in English
    7.    Master in Journalism and Mass Communication
    8.    Master in Sociology
    Location – New Baneshwor – Kathmandu

8.    Triton International College

Triton International Secondary School / College is located at Tinkune, Kathmandu. It offers School Level program, Ten plus two (10+2) Science, Management and Humanities affiliates with National Examination Board (NEB) and Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), and Bachelor of Arts (BA) affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU). It also offers Master of Business Studies (MBS) and Master of Arts (MA) affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU).

Triton aims to develop the career of students as self-dependent so that they can establish themselves. It provides quality education and imparting practical knowledge to the students. It polish young individuals into outstanding personalities to adapt to all modernities of the fast-changing world.

Programs Offered

  1.  School level from (Playgroup to Grade X)
    2.    Ten plus two (10+2) Science, Management, Humanities
    3.    Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
    4.    Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
    5.    Bachelor of Arts (BA)
    6.    Master of Arts (MA)
    7.    Master of Business Studies (MBS)
    Location – Subidhanagar-35, Tinkune – Kathmandu

So, these are the list if best Journalism and Mass Communication colleges in Kathmandu valley. You can find out the more info about the above colleges by clicking on the more info button.

As we have mentioned earlier, pursuing a course from a mass communication colleges only does not make sense, you need to have a keen interest and sound knowledge of news and current affairs. The global perspective on various issues helps you obtaining the position of reporter or journalist.

Those who have an interest in electronic media are required to have practical knowledge of video editing and mixing. Most of the journalism and mass media colleges offer internship programs with news channels or entertainment channels. It helps you to get a job after completion of the course. All the best!


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