Best Girls hostel in Kathmandu 

Best Girls hostel in Kathmandu 

We shall discuss the best girls hostel in Kathmandu, but first, we must understand what a hostel is. A hostel is a low-cost inn that provides basic, communal lodging. Typically, a hostel is where students, specific groups of employees, or visitors may get meals and lodging. When students’ homes are too far away from the educational institution, they usually reside in a hostel. So, it is considered a second home for the students. There is a standard room, a library, and a study room at a hostel. It also contains gaming and sports facilities. In a hostel, students from many backgrounds and cultures live together. They learn the value of cooperation; students in a hostel gain various skills. It helps them live a more orderly and organized existence. They are taught the importance of being on time and disciplined. They grow into their personalities and also grow to be self-sufficient. Hostels began in Europe, but their popularity has increased to the point where they can now be found worldwide.

Different types of hostels can satisfy people’s budgets, requirements, and styles. The types of the hostel are as follows:

  • Cheap Hostel
  • Homely Hostel
  • Boutique Hostel
  • Cultural/Historic Hostel
  • 5 Star Hostel
  • Party Hostel
  • Lifestyle Hostel

Students favor cheap or homely hostels among the various sorts of hostels. As the name implies, cheap hostels are inexpensive, and they may not meet all of a student’s demands. The term “cheap hostel” refers to the hostels with the most affordable rates. Most likely, the service and amenities aren’t up to par, and the location isn’t in the city’s center. Homey hostels are designed to make you feel at ease. It may be the coziest type of hostel available. It immediately feels like a home rather than a paid lodging. As a result, they are ideal for students and are cost-effective. Other hostels are not suitable for the students as they are expensive and extravagant.

Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, attracts people from all countries who wish to study or work there. Hence, we present you with one of the best girls hostels in Kathmandu.

List Of best girls hostel in kathmandu.

You can check all the details by clicking on the name.

NameAddressContact Details
Unique Girls HostelPrayagmarga, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal986-3969297
Elite AK Girls HostelMaitidevi, Kathmandu, Nepal984-0423534
Riddhi Siddhi Girls HostelBabbarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal985-1075931
Shuvakamana Girls HostelThulo Kharibot, New Baneshwor,Nepal985-7833442
The Gajurmukhi Girls Hostel
Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Nepal
New Capella Girls HostelTinkune, Kathmandu,Nepal980-1234100
Pariwarik Girls HostelAnamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal984-3195774, 984-9070691, 981-9680650
Subidha Girls HostelTinkune, Subidhanagar, Nepal984-9155445
Aagan Girls HostelMid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal9813535126,981-0088000
Faryland Girls HostelKalikasthan, Dillibazar,Nepal984-8185988
Green Tara Girls HostelDevkota Marg, Mid Baneshwor, Nepal980-3677119
New ABC Girls HostelShankhamul, Kathmandu, Nepal9848431764
Bright Girls HostelMid Baneshwor,Nepal985-1162215, 9808572155
Cinderella Girls HostelAnamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal981-2017522, 9851153957
  1. Unique Girls Hostel

    There are several wonderful hostels in Kathmandu, however, Unique Girl’s Hostel is one of the best girls hostel in kathmandu. It is located in New Baneshwor, Shantinagar Gate, and provides the best accommodation for girls looking for an affordable place to stay in Kathmandu. 

    It is nearby many famous colleges such as Liverpool Int’l College, Premier College, Ace College of Management, Uniglobal College, VS Niketan College, Ismt College, New Summit College, and many more. So, it is the best girls hostel in kathmandu trying to pursue their studies further. 

    This hostel offers hygienic food and lodging. It has every facility/amenities such as WIFI, laundry, hygienic food, furnished and carpeted room, 24-hour power backup, hot/cold water, and many more. This hostel is also affordable for the students. These features make Unique Girl’s Hostel the best girls hostel in Kathmandu.
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