Best Engineering Preparation Centers In Kathmandu Nepal

In our previous post, we have listed the best MBBS preparation centers in Kathmandu and Best Lok Sewa Preparation Centers in Kathmandu. This time, we have prepared the list of Best Engineering Preparation Centers in Kathmandu Nepal.

Engineering in Nepal

“Engineering” or Engineer is probably the most renowned and respected job and position in Nepal. This is why many Nepali students want to study Engineering courses after completing their intermediate level. Also, there are many engineering colleges are being established to fulfill the market needs and gap.

The scope of Engineering in Nepal is huge as Nepal is a developing country and lots of development activities have to be done. However, “scope” is something that you should create yourself if you are passionate about what you are doing. Overall, in terms of Name, Fame, and Earning, Engineering will be the best career choice for anyone.

Although there are many specializations in engineering, the main fields of Engineering in Nepal are –
1.    Civil Engineering
2.    Computer Engineering
3.    Electrical Engineering
4.    Mechanical Engineering
5.    Electronic Engineering
6.    Biomedical Engineering
7.    Architecture Engineering

Before joining any Engineering College in Nepal, you need to pass the entrance examination. For that, you need to be well prepared. There are many engineering preparation centers in the town, but it is hard to choose which one to choose. Many +2 graduate students confusing which preparation institute to join. Here, considering those problems, we have prepared the list of Best Engineering Preparation Centers in Kathmandu valley.

List of best Engineering Preparation Centers in Kathmandu, Nepal


1.    Pea Association

PEA is one of the best Engineering Preparations Centers in Kathmandu valley, It was established in 1994 by well-trained professional staff from IOE, Pulchowk, and other prestigious colleges and universities of Nepal, and India. It is located in the heart of Kathmandu valley, Thapathali, where every public transportation is easily available from all the parts of the valley. As there are very limited engineering colleges in Nepal, it is very much difficult for students to secure their seats in engineering colleges.

PEA has served thousands of entrance aspirants most of which have secured admission to prestigious engineering colleges in Nepal and abroad. At present,t it has a highly trained teaching staff who have years of experience in teaching. PEA is continually upgrading its teaching methods and materials to meet present-day competitive edge requirements. Well experienced renowned and distinguished teaching faculty will take you deeply through the course and provide well-written practice books and materials that will make you score higher, and improve through the course.

PEA is solely established to prepare the qualified student, we strongly recommend PEA for engineering preparation.

Programs Offered

1.    Engineering Preparations (BE Preparations)
Location – Jaycess Marg, Thapathali-Kathmandu


2.    Sea Engineering Academy

It is another Best Engineering Preparation Center in Kathmandu. SEA Engineering Academy is run by a qualified team and dedicated teaching faculties who have been involved in the teaching sector for more than a decade. They have a strong commitment to uplifting the quality of future engineers required for the development of the nation.

The main motto of this SEA academy is to provide enough matters required to BE entrance of the colleges under different universities in Nepal. It also runs a Bachelor’s degree program in B.Sc.CSIT is affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU).

Not only preparation classes, but the SEA also provides counseling on:
1.    Selection of proper field of engineering based on students’ aptitude.
2.    Accurate engineering counseling opportunities to study in Nepal and abroad.
3.    Selection of proper engineering colleges.

SEA Engineering Academy was for the engineering students, is for them, and will be for them. The long academic journey of SEA may be a valuable asset to those who wish to learn techniques for appearing in the B.E. entrance test. Further, it may be useful to the students who think of shaping their careers in different engineering fields.

SEA Academy has the goal of producing qualified engineers for the nation. The Academy is proud of getting the opportunity to expose the hidden talent of the students in the sector of the engineering world.

If you are looking for genuine engineering preparation centers, you should join the SEA engineering academy.

Programs Offered

1.    Entrance preparation for B.E.
Location – Besides St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, Kathmandu


3. Ocean engineering academy

It is an outcome of a collective effort and a long-term experience sincerely acquired in the realm of Engineering Entrance Preparation by those Veterans and Experts who have crafted the careers of thousands of Engineering Aspirants so far.

                                                                  Ocean Engineering Academy. Image

OCEAN Engineering Academy offers many advantages to students, both international and domestic: a full curriculum taught by certified and knowledgeable teaching staff, on- and off-campus housing support and student meal plans, a specialized student services department that offers individualized assistance with applications.

OCEAN Engineering Academy is the very first institution of its kind in Nepal that has been set up by no Non-Academic but only by the Pioneer Academic Team of Entrance Experts who are well-known amongst the students for their expertise and tricky teaching methodologies.

The teaching faculties of OCEAN are almost all writers of Entrance Preparation Books that are widely read by all the students seeking a career in the domain of Engineering. So, it is one of the best Engineering Preparation Centers in Kathmandu.

Programs Offered

1.    Entrance preparation for B.E.
Location – Besides St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, Kathmandu


4.    Alpha Beta Institute

Many of you may know that Alfa Beta Institute is proclaimed as one of the best institutes for Education Consultancy in Kathmandu. It provides a study-friendly and congenial environment with state-of-the-art facilities for study abroad, test preparations, Language courses, and other professional training courses. It is one of the Best Engineering Preparation Centers In Kathmandu, Nepal.

With the best possible qualified counselors, faculty, staff, and state-of-the-art facilities, Alfa Beta is one of the best Engineering Preparations Centers in Kathmandu valley. You will find the energy and innovation of a young team coalesced with the experience and expertise of the most revered counselors, instructors, and senior management.

At Alfa Beta, students can be assured of getting quality and quantity educational services hand-in-hand. Some of the popular destinations for study abroad programs dealt with at this consultancy are the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Finland, and many more.

Likewise, to prepare students for study abroad options, Alfa Beta offers complete entry-level courses for language proficiency tests like PTE-A, TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, or for aptitude tests like SAT, GRE, and GMAT.

Programs Offered

Test Preparation

1.    IELTS
2.    TOEFL
3.    SAT
4.    GRE
5.    GMAT
6.    ACT
7.    PTE-A

Study Abroad

1.    Australia
2.    Canada
3.    India
4.    the UK
5.    the USA
6.    New Zealand
7.    Japan
8.    Cyprus
9.    The Netherlands
10.    Ireland
11.    Malaysia
12.    Thailand
13.    South Korea
14.    Finland

Entrance preparation

1.    Bridge Course
2.    BBA power prep
3.    MBA power prep
Location – Alfa Beta Complex, New Baneshwor – Kathmandu


All the above-listed institutes are not ranked, it is just a listing of the best Engineering Preparation Centers in Kathmandu valley.


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