Best Cooking Training/Classes Institutes In Kathmandu Nepal

Here you’ll find some of the best institutes in Kathmandu Nepal that offer cooking training/classes.
Let’s start with a prelude to cooking training/classes and institutes in Kathmandu that offers such training classes.

Cooking Training/Classes

The term cooking, also known as cookery refers to the art, craft, science, and technology of making food. Cooking techniques differ in different places around the world and are influenced by cultural beliefs, skills, and practice, which we often define in a single word, i.e. cuisine. On the professional side, cooking differs according to the training one has pursued.

Thus, cooking training/classes teach you the art and science of using different ingredients in order to prepare food. Training is provided separately for different cuisines – Indian, Continental, Chinese, Japanese, etc. by the cooking training institutes.

Best Cooking Training

Cooking as a Career in Nepal

Cooking as a career is in bloom in Nepal as well with a number of restaurants and hotels opening. And, these restaurants and hotels are always seeking good cooks.

So, if you’ve got good cooking skills or learned them, there are so many opportunities for you to start your cooking career in Nepal.

Cooking Training/Classes Institutes in Nepal

People don’t just want Nepali cuisine to eat but look for foods out of Nepalese culture. It’s not always possible to hire cooks from international countries for restaurants and hotels in Nepal.
Therefore, institutes are offering professional cooking training to the individuals that help them learn different local and international cuisines. These institutes also seem to invite several professional cooks from other parts of the world to Nepal in order to teach and share cooking knowledge and experiences with Nepalese students.

Best Cooking Training/Classes Institutes in Kathmandu Nepal

Name of the InstituteAddressContact
Radisson Hotel Training CenterKalimati, Kathmandu01-4302909, 9851044265
International Hotel Training SchoolBhimsengola Chowk, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu01-4483167, 9851192612
Himalayan Cooking School  
Oriental Hospitality & Tourism Training Center Private LimitedNear Bakery Cafe, Chakubaku Galli, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu9841862171, 01-4786801
Shangri-la Tourism & Hotel Training CenterBhakti Thapa Sadak, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu01-4472553, 01-4475113
Global Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism Technical CenterMinbhawan Road-34, Shantinagar, Kathmandu01-4621098
Aagaman Hotel Training Center Private LimitedGongabu Chowk, Gongabu, Kathmandu01-4352846, 9841293748
Nyaythm Hotel Training Center (NHTC)Ring Road, Chabahil, Kathmandu01-4289384, 9803713854
WorldWide Institute Of Hotel Management (WWIHM)Lagankhel, Buspark, Lagankhel, Lalitpur01-5533517, 9851222539
Kamana Open School Private LimitedWard no. 32, Koteshwor, Kathmandu01-4600920, 01-4600335


1.    Radisson Hotel Training Center

Radisson Hotel Training Center was established in 2015 A.D. located in Kalimati, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is affiliated with Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training. It provides the different types of Hospital Training at different Levels starting from short-term, diploma, and other vocational training by a team of energetic, hardworking, qualified, and professional people.
Radisson Hotel Training Center aims to produce junior level technicians It aims to produce junior level technicians in the field of hospitality management. It provides different courses class by highly experienced and qualified teachers inside a well-equipped building.

Programs Offered
o    Food and Beverage Program
o    Food Production (Cooking)
o    Bartender
o    Waiter / Waitress
o    Bakery
o    Barista Training
o    Housekeeping

2.    International Hotel Training School

International Hotel Training School (IHTS) is the first hotel training school in Nepal under the leadership of the existing dynamic Food & Beverage Director, Executive Chef of a 5-star deluxe hotel in Nepal.
Vocational training is the shortest way to get a job in the hospitality sector. If you have a passion for hotel/tourism, the specially designed 3 months to 1-year diploma courses will enhance your knowledge and skills to be able to establish yourself in the hotel industry. International Hotel Training School also has Internship Placement for Hotel Management Students in different countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and China.
Whether you’re looking for a short course or a full qualification to establish your culinary career, you’ll be learning from the best in the business. IHTS’s team of industry instructors includes award-winning chefs keeping up to date with the latest food trends.

Programs Offered
o    Certificate/diploma in Professional Cookery
o    Housekeeping training
o    Food and beverage service
o    IHTS diploma in culinary arts

3.    Oriental Hospitality & Tourism Training Center Private Limited

Oriental Hospitality & Tourism Training Center Private (Pvt.) Limited (Ltd.) is located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. It has been established in the year 2006 AD. The institute is affiliated with CTEVT & is managed and promoted by experts who have vast experience in Hospitality Industries and have worked in five-star properties for more than a decade.

Oriental Hospitality & Tourism Training Center was established with a clear objective of producing highly skilled resources that will, in turn, be able to contribute positively to the development of the hospitality industry of Nepal. We strongly believe that we will be able to mold them into the nation-building process. OH&TTC is committed to transforming the students from where they are to where they want to be. The training center has been helping them discover their inner potentials and groom them accordingly.

Oriental hopes that the efforts put in by their team will definitely help the students to live virtuous, moral, happy, and fulfilling lives.
The institute has been conducting short-term skill training for free of cost, to the Nepali students having varied financial statuses, with support from UK AIDS, World Bank, DIFID, SDC, and so on.

Currently, Oriental has been conducting the training supported by Employment Fund (EF) Secretariat HELVETAS/ Swiss Intercoorporation Nepal, EVENT project under the Ministry of Education, ENSSURE Project by FEDB, Bhaisepati (under Ministry of Labor), World Vision, F-Skill, UNHCR, Transformation Nepal and so on.

Programs Offered
o    Executive Professional Diploma in Hotel Management
o    Executive Professional Diploma in Culinary Art
o    Professional Diploma in Hotel Management
o    Professional Diploma in Culinary Art
o    Certificate in Barista Skills

4.    Shangri-la Tourism & Hotel Training Center

Shangri-la Tourism & Hotel Training Center has been producing capable manpower for the hospitality profession since April 2000. They focus on producing talents that have practical skills. The instructors at Shangri-la are well trained and have long experience at home and abroad.
Shangri-la believes in providing International standard training so that the students can work anywhere in the world with the skill they learn at this training center. Apart from technical skills and knowledge, special emphasis is given to social skills, hygiene, and sanitation. Shangri-la prepares you for all the essential principles required to be successful in your work.

The secondary objective of Shangri -la is to provide job placement services for its bonafide product at home and abroad. Shangri-la is in touch with many business organizations and manpower suppliers in order to provide job placement services.

Shangri -La has got affiliation to Euroskills in collaboration with Lincoln University, Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Abacus and Galileo Nepal, and associates with Hotel Association Nepal (HAN), Nepal Association Tour & Travel Agents (NATTA), and Restaurant Bar Association Nepal (REBAN).

  5. Global Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism Technical Center

Global Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism Technical Center is located at Shantinagar gate, Minbhawan, Kathmandu, Nepal.

As the name sounds, the Global Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism Technical Center is a center providing vocational and technical training in the hotel management and tourism sector.
The technical center is affiliated with CTEVT and offers various types of short-term training as interested by the students.

Programs Offered
o    Cook (Chinese, Indian & Continental)
o    Commercial Cooking/ Baking
o    General Cook
o    Baker
o    Fast Food Cook
o    Waiter/Waitress
o    House Keeping Cleaner
o    Room Attendant
o    Receptionist Cum Cashier
o    Montessorian
o    Beautician
o    Hotel Assistant
o    Security Guard
o    Fashion Designer
o    Care Giver
o    Fruit Processor
o    Dairy Product/Sweets Maker
o    Flower Decorator
o    General Cook (Commis II)

6.    Aagaman Hotel Training Center Private Limited

Aagaman Hotel Training Center is a Nepal Government Certified institution in Nepal established in the year 2058. It is located in Gongabu Chowk, Kathmandu. The institution has been offering various hotel training in the Hospitality sector to the interested people.
All the training and classes are supervised by an expert and experienced professors. It has been successful in creating expert manpower in the hotel sector.
Programs Offered
o    Cook (Chinese, Indian, Continental, Italian)
o    Diploma in Culinary Arts (2 months Intern in Star Hotel)
o    Barista Special Course
o    Waiter/ Waitress Course (10 days, 20 days)
o    Waiter/ Waitress (2 months Intern in Star Hotel)
o    Bartender Special Course
o    Housekeeping/ Room Boy/ Bellboy
o    Japanese Cook Sushi Special
o    Naan Roti Special Course
o    Receptionist/ Front Office Special
o    Indian Tandoori, Naan Roti, Gravy Curry Special Course

7.    Nyaythm Hotel Training Center (NHTC)

Nyaythm Hotel Training Center (NHTC) is a hotel training institute located in Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal. The main office is located at Kalimati Chowk, Kathmandu.

NHTC has been offering various vocational and skill development training to the needed ones. They run training classes for programs such as cookery, waiter, bakery, bartending, coffee making, housekeeping, master chef, culinary arts, security guard, etc. They have a diploma course ranging from 6 months to 1 year.

Also, the institute offers a special training course for students who are flying abroad for work. And those who are going to Japan in Work-Visa, they offer classes for making Naan, Roti, Curry, Sushi, etc.

Programs Offered
o    Cookery/ Master Chef/ Culinary Arts (Diploma and Advanced Diploma)
o    Waiter/ Waitress
o    Bakery
o    Bartending
o    Coffee making
o    Housekeeping
o    Security Guard training

8. WorldWide Institute Of Hotel Management (WWIHM)

WorldWide Institute Of Hotel Management (WWIHM) is located at Lagankhel Buspark (above the floor of Everest bank building), Lalitpur, Nepal.

As the name suggests, WWIHM is a hotel training institute where various training related to the hotel and hospitality sector are provided to the students.

WWIHM has been offering Diploma courses in Cooking, Waiter/ Waitress, Bartending, Housekeeping, etc. They also provide a special training course in Bakery, Coffeemaking, etc. for those who are flying abroad for work.

The training institute is one of the highly successful institutions in the sector of hotel management as its activities are expanding rapidly and lots of people have joined here and have got the job as well. WWIHM assures people of “100% job placement in Dubai” after the completion of the course.

Programs Offered
o    Diploma in Cooking (6 months)
o    Basic Cooking (3 months)
o    Waiter/ Waitress (3 months)
o    Bartending (3 months)
o    House Keeping (3 months)
o    Bakery (1 month)
o    Barista (1 month)

9.    Kamana Open School Private Limited

Kamana Open School Pvt. Ltd. is an academic institution and hotel training center located at Koteshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. It has been registered under the Government of Nepal.
The institute/ center has been offering its services in various fields to students from all corners of the country.
They offer programs like computer courses, language classes, tuition classes for all levels, bridge courses, Lok-Sewa preparation, and all kinds of hotel training.
Kamana Open School Pvt. Ltd. is determined to produce skilled manpower through its affordable services.

Programs Offered
o    Cook
o    Bakery
o    Coffee making
o    Waiter/ Waitress
o    Housekeeping
o    Laundry Man
o    Bartending
o    Storekeeper
o    Front office
o    Security guard
We’re ending this list here but we’ll keep adding new ones as well as update this list timely and therefore write us any other name(s) which you think, deserve(s) to be listed among the best cooking institutes in Kathmandu valley.
Again, be with us as we’ll be featuring cooking training institutes from outside of the Kathmandu valley as well.

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