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This article is about the best career to pursue. Everyone seeks advice to choose the right career after graduation according to the need of the present date. So, career counseling is the choice of everyone to get advice, suggestions, and guidance throughout the journey in the pursuit of the perfect career. A good counselor is someone who will provide you with the right information about most the career plans and their pros and cons.

Why do I need a career counselor?

Most of the students are in a dilemma of what to choose after graduation. Most of them start to seek any job of their type and most of them don’t even do that which is problematic for them. While seeking a job as a fresher or an experienced employee, you may need to create an appropriate resume with past working experiences, skills, qualifications, and personal details. It is often said that a resume represents your personality and serves as the first impression that employers have of you. Therefore, it may be essential to come up with the most effective resume with the help of ARC Resumes or any other similar service provider. In addition, new job seekers around the world are usually unaware of real-world demands, which is why they should seek career counseling to understand the world’s needs and plan their careers accordingly.

What are the best career choices?

Depending on the type of graduation you had done it can be categorized under numerous headings but here we will only talk about the top 10 career choices from every field.

1. Entrepreneur:

An Entrepreneur is someone who organizes new business generally based on new ideas on financial risk to get benefits for the long term. Most of the person gets confused about businessman and entrepreneur as they have similar meaning except for a few them. The entrepreneur works for a new idea of the business that gives profit after a considerable long time whereas a businessman works on the same old idea of business and tries to get benefit in a short time.

2. Doctors:

Doctors are highly professional and in the growing demand of society due to this pandemic and it was in demand even before the pandemic on the same level. As no one tries to compromise his/her health doctors are always in priority order of profession.

3: Pharmacists:

A pharmacist is someone who makes drugs and medicine and works as a chemist in the medical field. The 21st century relies on drugs and medicine for their health care which is the highest earning job, especially in western countries like America. They are the highest paid profession after doctors.

4. Civil Engineers:

They are experts in working and designing the infrastructure of buildings, bridges, etc. In developing countries like Nepal, they are in high demand but don’t get confused with a ratio of pass-out civil engineers from college and their job placement. The real ratio is taken into account in between skill full engineer and their demand not between pass out and their demand due to which most of the students get afraid of selecting this career. But this is the real truth of their job placement and it is not only in this career, it applies in every career.

5. Chartered Accountants:

Chartered accountants are highly skilled full professionals in the arena of accounts which was first introduced in Scotland. It is believed that the perfect coordination of Entrepreneur and Chartered accountants can bring revolution in the economy of any country which is the countless paid profession.

6. Software engineers:

As we all are addicted or habituated to the world of technology, we can’t imagine such advancement without software engineers. They are the frame workers in the IT world whose demand will never get fade away. Their work is basically to connect the physical world with the virtual world through the language of programming or the language of the machine.

7. Agricultural Engineering:

Agricultural engineers are the experts in agricultural technique and as Nepal is an agricultural country they must get high priority order but due to unawareness of its benefits, it is not seen as an effective career in Nepal which make a high chance for the students selecting this career of growing rapidly by the smart implementation of their technique.

8. Lawyers:

Lawyers are the representatives of the legal right in the cases of civil and criminal cases. A country can only grow where there are good laws and the lowest criminal percentage. So, lawyers are the constitutional body of any country who works for the nation to protect the constitution. We can achieve a great career in practicing law.

9. Politician:

A politician is a social worker who organizes society inefficient way and is made with the support of the persons of that society. In the case of Nepal, we will not find an organized society which is because most of the social workers or politicians don’t take the course in social sciences and even most of them don’t achieve schooling qualifications. In such a bad condition of our country, you can choose this career to work for the nation which is probably the most satisfactory job to do.

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10. Social Scientist:

Even if no one thinks about this career being effective but still these are the person who has the potential to eradicate racism and hatred, and can show us the path towards a civilized society in the world of decency which is the need of every nation in the present context. The government of Nepal has focused on moral education by recently introducing the curriculum according to it at the higher secondary level.

Students are advised to take career counseling before graduation to know their future scope to fulfill the need of society. For more personal guidance please visit our expert career counselor.


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