Best Boys Hostel in Kathmandu

In this post, we’ll talk about the best boys hostel in Kathmandu and other related topics. One of the best things about the boys hostel is that you get to meet people worldwide. You never know who you’ll meet in a hostel, which adds an element of excitement that you won’t get if you’re alone in a hotel room. Hostelling allows you to meet people you would never meet in your everyday life. It’s what distinguishes it, and it’s why it’s always one’s first option wherever they go. When traveling, no one type of individual stays in a hostel. Most hostel visitors are young, budget-conscious solo travelers, backpackers, students, digital nomads, and gap-year travelers. In terms of amenities, many hostels have everything you’d expect from a hotel and more.

Best boys hostel in kathmandu

Kathmandu is not only the capital of Nepal, but it is also the home of several prestigious colleges and educational institutes. One of the most challenging issues that each student has while in Kathmandu is finding a comfortable location. There aren’t many residences that rent out flats to students. However, there is a solution to the dilemma. The dormitories in Kathmandu accommodate these students and welcome them with open arms. There are no two similar hostels, but one thing is sure: it will never be boring.

Best boys hostel in kathmandu

Hundreds of boys hostels in the Kathmandu Valley provide hostel services in various parts of the valley, but only a handful of them provide the best services. Our study using the Hostel Searching Platform has included some of the best boys hostels in Kathmandu city that are viable for various areas in Kathmandu.

Best boys hostel in kathmandu

Boys Hostel List:

Here is a list of some of the best boys hostels in Kathmandu. Click on the hostel names for more information.

Name of HostelsLocationContact Details
Aawas Boys HostelAnamnagar, Kathmandu9851019298, 9815826818
Buddha Boys HostelChahabil, Shantigoreto- 07, Kathmandu, Nepal9812078517, 9819810073
Pacific Boys HostelDurbar Marg, Opp. to Rising Mall, KTM9823239021, 9843816383
Glory Boys HostelBehind Iplex Mall, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal985-1179906
Ekta Boys HostelKathmandu, Nepal984-1403191
City Deluxe Boys HostelPutalisadak, Kathmandu9851128131
Samul Boys HostelPutalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal9851091328
Balaji Boys HostelMaitidevi, Kathmandu, Nepal9804407185
New Hill Boys HostelHanumansthan, Kathmandu9843284723
Surya Kiran Boys HostelBabarmahal, Kathmandu9851179160
Sidhababa Boys HostelNew Baneshwar, Kathmandu9841483870
Bagmati Boys HostelNaya Bazar, Kathmandu9841588647
Novelty Boys HostelNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal9813922718
Aadesh Boys HostelShantinagar, Kathmandu9801626926, 984429980
Sunrise Boys HostelNew Plaza, Putalisadak, Kathmandu9849308994
Surya Binayak Boys HostelBaghbazar, Kathmandu9851128131
Pashupati Om Boys HostelNew Baneshwar, Kathmandu9849676618
Cambridge Boys HostelNew Baneshwar, Kathmandu9851036743
Sebastians Boys HostelHanumansthan, Kathmandu9801056063
Diamond Boys HostelBuddhanagar, Kathmandu9847503060

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