BBS in Nepal

The FOM, TU offers a four-year bachelor’s degree program in BBS. This management curriculum aims to equip students with the skills necessary to succeed as managers in the workplace or elsewhere that demands structured effort. The goal of the BBS is for students to learn how to function in a dynamic environment and adapt to a continuously changing world (both internal and external). Through the TU-designed curriculum, students can learn about the management and operation of companies.

BBS in Nepal

The country’s requirements Additionally, Nepal is the birthplace of businesspeople and entrepreneurs who can boost the economy and create jobs for many people. The range of professional options available to BBS graduates covers numerous industries. However, to surpass other graduates in ability, we advise them to pick up extra information and skills.

Scope of BBS in Nepal

BBS graduates can find the best at various management levels regarding employment opportunities.
Generally, they can serve as

  • Accounting clerks
  • Teller for financial managers
  • HR Directors
  • Monetary analysts
  • Front desk agents Administrative supervisors
  • Secretaries in offices Accountants

Because the course listed in the syllabus is insufficient to prepare you professionally for higher-level roles, you must train and acquire skills to make yourself more qualified for these positions. Graduates can apply for jobs at various managerial levels in government agencies, financial organizations (such as commercial banks, development banks, finance companies, microfinance companies, and cooperatives), and other fields. Instead of solely relying on Tribhuvan University’s course framework, it is advised to have some soft IT skills.

Admission Eligibility for BBS

Admission to the Bachelor of Business Studies program is as follows:

  • The applicant must have completed their 10+2 in business or commerce or a similar course from TU or from a board that has been approved by TU.
  • The candidate must have received a second division grade (securing 45 percent or more) or a 1.8 CGPA with a D+ (D plus) on each topic to be considered.
  • The applicant must meet any additional entry requirements established by the Faculty Board or the university.
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