Barahi Hydropower IPO for Baglung District Residents Extending Until Kartik 25

Barahi Hydropower IPO for Baglung District Residents Extending Until Kartik 25: The deadline for the IPO issue of 2,50,000 shares by Barahi Hydropower Public Limited for the residents of the Baglung district. Who will be impacted by the project has been extended until 25 Kartik 2079. Since Kartik 4 till today, Kartik 18, the company has been issuing 2,50,000 shares for the project’s impacted locals at a par value of Rs. 100 per share. However, the deadline has been extended till 25 Kartik 2079 due to the unsubscription. This amounts to 10% of the $25 million issued capital of the corporation. The remaining shares will be offered in addition to the number of shares allotted for the public issue if the local issue is not completely subscribed.

The ratio of Promoter to Public Shares would be 72:28 following the distribution of the IPO shares. The issue manager for the IPO issuance has been selected as NIBL Ace Capital Limited. Locals are eligible to apply for 10 shares minimum and 10,000 shares maximum. ICRA Nepal has given Barahi Hydropower Public Limited (BHPL/the company) an issuer rating of [ICRANP-IR] B- (pronounced ICRA NP issuer rating B minus). Issuers with this grade are thought to have a high chance of defaulting on their financial obligations in a timely manner.

Barahi Hydropower IPO for Baglung District Residents

Barahi, a private limited company founded in April 2006, changed its status to a public limited company in March 2015 to allow for greater public participation. Since July 8, 2018, the company has been running a 1.5 MW Theule Khola HEP in Nepal’s Baglung district of the Gandaki Province. A cost of NPR 374 million, funded with a debt-to-equity ratio of 52:48, and a required commercial operation date (RCOD) of May 10, 2013, is five years later. The project is of the run-of-the-river (R-o-R) type, with a 40% likelihood of exceeding expectations (Q40).

Short Details of Barahi Hydropower IPO for Baglung
Par Value Rs. 100
Number of Shares 2,50,000 Units of Share
IPO for project affected locals 2,50,000 Units of Share
Opening Date 4 Kartik 2079
Closing Date 18 Kartik 2079 is the Closing date of this Hydropower. But due to the under subscription, the deadline is extended till 25 Kartik 2079.

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