Balapushpika Kindergarten

Balapushpika Kindergarten is located in Gokarneshwor-8, Gokarneshwar, Kathmandu, Nepal. The preschool programs of this Kindergarten help young children cultivate a lifelong love of learning. In a nurturing learning atmosphere with access to the right materials and resources, children are nourished and developed.

The goal of this preschool is to help each kid grow in their unique skills. It imparts literacy skills to the child. This preschool follows a Montessori-based curriculum to educate the child in practical and moral knowledge so that they can develop not only physically but mentally, socially, and emotionally. It provides educational services from the playgroup level to the UKG level.

About This Preschool

Name: Balapushpika Kindergarten
Establishment: 2019 A.D.
Medium: English | Nepali
Address: Gokarneshwor-8, Gokarneshwar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: 9861534479
Type: Pre School

Facilities Offered:

  • Day Care

  • Montessori Labpreschools

  • Healthy Food

  • Transportation

  • Playing Area

  • Dance, Music, Art & Craft

  • Pure Drinking Water

  • Friendly Environment

Facebook: Balapushpika Kindergarten

Best Preschool In Gokarneshwor

Balapushpika Kindergarten is one of the best preschool located in Gokarneshwor. This preschool offers classes from playgroup to UKG. It charges a minimal fee along with food and transport facilities. The teachers are kind and loving and take proper care of each child. Montessori training is given to teachers for better nurturing of the children. 

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Balapushpika Kindergarten

Balapushpika Kindergarten


Balapushpika Kindergarten
Balapushpika Kindergarten


Location Map Of The Preschool

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