Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) Syllabus in Nepal

“Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) Syllabus in Nepal: A Comprehensive Guide for Students Pursuing a Career in Hospitality”

If you’re looking for the BHM curriculum, you’ve come to the correct place. The Tribhuwan University developed the syllabus above. The TU BHM syllabus contains detailed information about the projects, assignments, and course subjects.

By accessing the links provided below, you can view the whole semester’s course curriculum. To have a thorough understanding of what they will be studying, every student should know the syllabus. In order to plan their activities for the full semester, students will need to know the types of questions, the weighting of the marks according to the section, and the distribution of the marks for each topic.

What is BHM?

The Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program in Nepal is a four-year undergraduate course of study that intends to prepare students for jobs in the hotel sector. A wide range of topics, including front office management, food and beverage service, housekeeping, marketing, and financial management, are covered in the BHM syllabus in Nepal in order to provide students with a thorough grasp of the concepts and practices of hotel and hospitality management.

Mostly comprised of eight semesters, the BHM curriculum in Nepal includes a different collection of topics in each semester. In Nepal, the BHM curriculum often covers a variety of topics, such as:

  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Front Office Operations
  • Housekeeping Operations
  • Hospitality Accounting
  • Hotel Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resource Management in Hospitality Industry
  • Hospitality Law and Ethics
  • Tourism Management
  • Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Industry
  • Information Technology in Hospitality
  • Hotel Operations Management
  • Industrial Training

BHM programs in Nepal provide optional courses in addition to the main ones, allowing students to focus on a particular field of hotel and hospitality management. The electives may differ based on the college or institution, but some popular areas of emphasis include the management of food and beverage operations, hotel sales and marketing, hotel operations, and events.

Students will get a well-rounded education in hotel and hospitality management as part of the BHM curriculum in Nepal, preparing them for a variety of employment in the hospitality sector. Graduates of the BHM degree have the option of pursuing employment in hospitality entrepreneurship, restaurant management, hotel and resort management, event management, and tourist management.

Now Let’s go towards the complete Details about the BHM Syllabus with all Semesters.

BHM 1st Semester Syllabus

Students must read Food Production and Patisserie- I, Food and Beverage Service- I, Housekeeping Operations, English, and Fundamentals of Management as part of the BHM first semester curriculum.

BHM 2nd Semester Syllabus

Students in the BHM second semester must take the courses Business Communication, Housekeeping Management, Food Production and Patisserie-II, Food and Beverage Service Operations-II, and Hotel Accounting.

Bachelor of Hotel Management 3rd Semester Syllabus

The third semester of the BHM curriculum requires students to take courses in front office operations I, food science & nutrition, food production and Patisserie III, food and beverage service III, and cost and management accounting.

BHM 4th Semester Syllabus

Students must study front office management, food production management, food and beverage management, financial management, and human resources management as part of their BHM 4th semester course requirements.

Bachelor of Hotel Management 5th Semester Syllabus

Students must study Macro Economics, Computer Graphics, Java Programming – II,. And Advanced Internetworking as part of the BHM 5th semester curriculum.

BHM 6th Semester Syllabus

  • Students must do an internship throughout their sixth semester of BHM.

Bachelor of Hotel Management 7th Semester Syllabus

  • Students must do an internship throughout their seventh semester of BHM.

BHM 8th Semester Syllabus

Students should complete the following courses in the BHM 8th semester:. Client-Server Computing, Operating Systems, Software Project Management, Data Mining and Data Warehousing, IT Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management. And Object-Oriented Database Management systems.

In Conclusion,

Students in Nepal’s Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program will graduate with the abilities and knowledge required to succeed in the hotel and hospitality sector. The BHM curriculum at Tribhuvan University provides a wide range of courses that address all facets of hotel and hospitality administration. Including the production of food and beverages, front office operations, housekeeping, marketing, financial management, and more. After completing their BHM, students can pursue a number of careers in the hospitality sector, including those in hospitality entrepreneurship, restaurant management, hotel and resort management, event management, and tourism management. 

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