Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Nepal| Courses, Fees, Eligibility, Scope & Top 5 Engineering College

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Nepal is a four years (8 Semester) degree program and its master’s degree takes two years to complete. While B. Arch is a fiver year-long degree program. Bachelor of Engineering is one of the most popular courses opted for by Nepali students because of the opportunities it brings after its completion.

Previously, due to inadequate Engineering programs and courses, the majority of Nepal’s aspiring engineers annually travel abroad for higher education and later settled there. Only a small percentage of these migrating Engineers returned to Nepal after completing their studies but the scenario has changed radically and students have been making remarkable contributions in the field of engineering both abroad and within the nation. Also, today there are ample courses and engineering degrees available in Nepal.

Bachelor of Engineering in Nepal
Bachelor of Engineering in Nepal

From the very beginning, engineering was a crucial requisite for growth and transformation. Once engineers began to contribute to Nepal’s overall infrastructural development the engineering profession began to earn societal prominence and there was an upsurge in students participating in the engineering field. Today, the engineering workforce has expanded in every sector in Nepal and has become the backbone of national development. All the engineering colleges operating in Nepal are affiliated with one of the following universities:

  1. Tribhuvan University
  2. Kathmandu University
  3. Purbanchal University
  4. Pokhara University
  5. Mid-Western University
  6. Far-Western University


Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Nepal Courses: 

BE focuses on the application of science and mathematics across various disciplines like structures, machines, systems, processes, etc. This form of engineering degree trains students to work as professional engineers in a range of fields. Computer, electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering, and many more.

Today there are ample courses and subjects available in Nepal and the need to travel abroad for higher studies has significantly reduced. Today there are ample courses and subjects available in Nepal. Following is the list of courses and programs that are available in Nepal.




Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Automobile Engineering

Hydropower Engineering

Electronics, Communication, and Information Engineering

Electrical & Electronics (Power & Control) Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Geomatics Engineering

Civil and Rural Engineering

Geomatica and Land Resource Management engineering

B. Arch Bachelor in Architecture


Fees Structure of Bachelor of Engineering in Nepal

Depending upon the institute, the cost for completion of the four-year BE and five-year B. Arch engineering course ranges from 8 to 13 Lakhs. In comparison to private colleges, government colleges are cheap. However, these fees get deducted partially or completely depending upon your level of competence and your performance in entrance examinations as well. This means if you are a talented student and can top the entrance examination your fees will be waivered completely or partially depending upon the scholarship policy of the institution that you are giving the entrance exam.



The candidate must complete Ten Plus Two (I.e. +2) with at least 45% or grade ‘C’ in Science Stream or must have qualification equivalent thereto to apply for engineering in Nepal.


Candidate must have a diploma in engineering or the course equivalent thereto.

For more information regarding the entrance examination visit the following link:



In Nepal, engineers are highly in demand due to ongoing development works in almost every sector. Hydropower, Bridges, buildings, railways, highways, etc. engineers are required everywhere. The abundance of rapid development projects implies that engineers are in high demand and it will continue to be so for a very long time because there is so much to be done in Nepal. Upon graduation, you can get jobs in many sectors. Following are some the examples:

  1. Hydro-power plant
  2. Automobile Companies & factories
  3. All sorts of industries
  4. Big construction companies
  5. Technical Writer
  6. Alternative Energy protects
  7. Machinist
  8. Aviation sector
  9. Mining Companies
  10. Nepal Army
  11. Government Jobs
  12. Engineering Colleges


List of Top 5 Engineering Colleges in Nepal:

After you’ve decided to pursue a career as an engineer the next step is to choose which college you want to get enrolled in. Today, there are many engineering colleges in Nepal offering engineering courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In Nepal, there are numerous engineering colleges, each with its unique features & significance. It can get quite overwhelming and confusing as well when you start searching for the best engineering college or the college that aligns with your capacity to afford and your academic competence. If you are looking for the best engineering colleges in Nepal, below are the top 5 engineering colleges in Nepal.

  1. Institute of Engineering (IOE) Pulchowk
  2. Kathmandu University School of Engineering
  3. Khwopa College of Engineering
  4. Kathmandu Engineering College
  5. Nepal Engineering College

These colleges are also considered a ticket to success in the field of engineering. However, there are other colleges too that are prudent and versatile as above. They are listed below:

  1. Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering
  2. BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences
  3. Himalayan College of Engineering
  4. Kantipur Engineering College
  5. Advance College of Engineering and Management
  6. Nepal College of Information and Technology
  7. GoldenGate International College
  8. National College of Computer Studies
  9. Hillside College of Engineering
  10. Lalitpur Engineering College
  11. Nepal College of Information Technology
  12. Thapathali Campus



Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Nepal is one of the popular course among many others. There is a huge demand for engineers in the Nepalese our country requires many engineers who have profound expertise and talent. Though there had been a huge inconsistency in demand and supply in the engineering sectors. This inconsistency and lack opened a world of possibilities and room for deserving engineers in the engineering sector.

Previously colleges weren’t able to supply the demand of the market and due to that, the infrastructural development work couldn’t pick up a pace. Fortunately, this status quo has been changing rapidly as colleges have increased and so has the passion for engineering among Nepali students. The number of colleges and seats available yearly is on the rise due to high market demand. In Nepal, there are many colleges and topics to choose from. However, when choosing subjects and colleges, you should be cautious. The following article will guide how to choose the right kind of college for you in case you are in dilemma:

(Though the topic focuses on +2 college the article is relevant in both +2 and bachelor). 


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