B.Pharm Syllabus in Nepal | All University Syllabus for B.Pharm

Pharmacy is the branch of paramedical science. It is the most demanding course in Nepal. The scope of pharmacy in Nepal is very good. The admission exam is taken by the Medical Education Common Entrance Examination. It is very competitive. All 4 universities have this course to offer & here is the  B.pharm  syllabus in Nepal. The course Bachelor in Pharmacy is a four-year degree. The syllabus of the Bachelor of Pharmacy is quite similar to the Nepalese university and the associated colleges. The syllabus of the Bachelor of Pharmacy is listed below.

Tribhuwan University B.pharm Syllabus

Tribhuwan University is one of the well-recognized government educational institutions. There are 30 seats in the Institutes of Medicine (IOM). The number of seats varies in the college.

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Human anatomy,  Physiology, and Pathology Pharmaceutical Microbiology Pharmaceutics III Ayurvedic Pharmacy
Biochemistry Pharmaceutics I Pharmaceutics II Clinical and Hospital pharmacy
Chemistry I Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics I Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics II Pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance II
Chemistry II Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics Pharmaceutical jurisprudence Pharmaceutical engineering and drawing
Pharmacognosy I Pharmacognosy II Pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance I
Social Pharmacy Medicinal Chemistry I Medicinal Chemistry II
Maths, Statistics, and Research Methodology Entrepreneurship and pharmacoeconomics


Kathmandu University

Department of Pharmacy in Kathmandu University is located at 28 kilo, Dhulikhel. Students must pass every semester with half credits. There are 60 seats in each badge.

  • First Year
I semester II  Semester
Calculus and Algebra Statistics and Probability
General Physics General Biology(Cell)
General Physics Lab General Biology Lab(Cell)
General Chemistry Reaction Mechanism and Stereochemistry
Information systems Technology Computer programming(Python)
Foundation course in Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Immunology
Foundation course in Pharmacy Lab Pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab
Professional Communication Physiology and Pathophysiology I
Total credits= 18 Total Credits= 20

  • Second Year

I Semester II  Semester
Organic chemistry Pharmacognosy II
Physiology and Pathophysiology II Pharmacognosy II Lab
Physiology and Pathophysiology Lab Inorganic pharmaceutical chemistry
Pharmacognosy I Inorganic pharmaceutical chemistry Lab
Pharmacognosy I Lab Pharmacology and Toxicology I
Medical Biochemistry Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Medical Biochemistry Lab Medical Chemistry I
Physical Pharmacy Pharmacognosy field visit
Physical pharmacy lab Quantitative analysis
Quantitative analysis Lab
Total credits= 18 Total credits= 19 credits

  • Third-year
I semester II semester
Medicinal chemistry II Medicinal Chemistry III
Medicinal chemistry Lab Quality assurance and GMP
Pharmaco economics Business management
Pharmacology and Toxicology II Pharmacology and Toxicology III
Pharmacology and Toxicology Lab Pharmacotherapeutics I
Industrial Pharmacy I Industrial Pharmacy II
Instrumental Analysis Industrial Pharmacy Lab I
Instrumental Analysis Lab Quality Assurance Lab
Pharmacy practice
Pharmacy Practice Lab I
Total credits= 19 credits Total credits= 19 credits

  • Fourth Year
I semester II semester
Industrial Pharmacy III Clinical pharmacy
Industrial Pharmacy Lab II and Plant Layout Design Social and Forensic pharmacy
Entrepreneurship Development Elective
Pharmacotherapeutics II Pharmacy practice Lab II
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Project work
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Lab Seminar
Hospital Pharmacy
Research Methodology
Industrial field visit
Total credit= 19 credits Total credits=16 credits

Pokhara University B.Pharm Syllabus in Nepal

Pokhara University teaches Pharmacy from the Central campus at Dhungepatan, Kaski, and other affiliated colleges. The total seat is 40 on the central campus.


I semester II semester
Pharmaceutics/Fundamental of Pharmacy Pharmaceutics II/Physical pharmacy
Anatomy and Physiology (I) Anatomy and Physiology (II)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry I/ General chemistry Biochemistry
Pharmaceutical chemistry II/Stereochemistry and reaction mechanism Molecular Cell Biology/Genetic engineering
Pharmacognosy I/ Medicinal and Aromatic plants Pharmaceutical chemistry III/Physical chemistry
Mathematics Biostatistics and Computer application
Pharmaceutical Laboratory 1 /Fundamental of pharmacy Pharmaceutical Laboratory 4/ Physical pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Laboratory 2/General chemistry Pharmaceutical Laboratory 5/Physiology and Biochemistry
Pharmaceutical laboratory 3/Medicinal and Aromatic plants Pharmaceutical Laboratory 6/ Pharmaceutical Analysis
Pharmaceutical Seminar 1
Total credits= 19 credits Total credits=21


III semester IV semester
Pharmaceutics III/ Dosage forms and formulations A Pharmaceutics IV/ Dosage forms and formulations B
Anatomy and Physiology III/Pathophysiology Pharmaceutics V/Biopharmaceutics A
Pharmaceutical Microbiology Pharmacology I
Immunology/Fundamental course Pharmaceutical chemistry V/ Analytical chemistry
Pharmaceutical chemistry IV/ General chemical reaction Pharmacognosy III/ Natural Products Chemistry II
Pharmacognosy II/Natural products chemistry I Pharmacognosy IV/ Spectroscopy
Pharmaceutical laboratory 7/ Dosage forms and formulations A Pharmaceutical laboratory 10/ Dosage forms and formulations B
Pharmaceutical laboratory 8/ Pharmaceutical Microbiology Pharmaceutical laboratory 11/Analytical Chemistry
Pharmaceutical laboratory 9/ Natural Product Chemistry Pharmaceutical laboratory 12/Spectral Analysis
Pharmaceutical Seminar 2 Pharmaceutical Seminar 3
Total credits=21 credits Total credits= 22 credits


V semester VI semester
Pharmaceutics  VII/ Pharmaceutical engineering and drawing Pharmaceutics VIII/ Industrial pharmacy
Pharmaceutics VI/ Biopharmaceutics B Pharmaceutics IX/Hospital and community pharmacy
Pharmacology II Pharmaceutics X/ Quality assurance
Medicinal chemistry I/Natural Drugs Pharmacology III/Toxicology
Pharmaceutical chemistry VI/ Name reaction Medicinal chemistry II/Synthetic drugs
Pharmacognosy V/ Himalayan Crude drugs Pharmaceutical management and entrepreneurship
Pharmaceutical laboratory 13/ Pharmaceutical engineering and drawing Pharmaceutical laboratory 16/ Industrial pharmacy
Pharmaceutical laboratory 14/ Biopharmaceutics Pharmaceutical laboratory 17/ Quality assurance
Pharmaceutical laboratory 15/ Pharmacology Pharmaceutical laboratory 18/ Medicinal chemistry
Pharmaceutical Seminar 4 Pharmaceutical Seminar 5
Total credits= 21 credits Total credits= 22 credits


VII Semester VIII semester
Pharmaceutics XI/ Cosmetology Pharmacy practice
Pharmaceutics XII/ Clinical pharmacy Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
Social and Public Health Pharmacy Research project work
Pharmacology IV/ Pharmacotherapeutics
Pharmacognosy VI/Traditional system of medicine
Research Methodology
Pharmaceutical laboratory 19/ Cosmetology
Pharmaceutical laboratory 20/ Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical laboratory 21/  Traditional system of medicine
Pharmaceutical Seminar 6
Total credit= 21 credits Total credits= 12 credits

Purwanchal university B.pharm Syllabus

There are 8 colleges of pharmacy under Purwanchal University. The syllabus of each semester is listed below. 55% of admission is based on open competition and 45% is separated for quota.

1st Semester 2nd semester
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Lab Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Lab
Pharmacognosy I Pharmacognosy II
Pharmacognosy I Lab Pharmacognosy II Lab
Physical Chemistry Physical Pharmacy
Physical Chemistry Lab Physical Pharmacy Lab
Mathematics Pharmaceutical Analysis I
Basic Computer Applications Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab
Basic Computer Applications Lab Anatomy and Physiology I
Communication skill Anatomy and Physiology Lab
Total credits= 21 credits Total credits= 21 credits


3rd semester 4th semester
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II Biochemistry
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II Lab Biochemistry Lab
Pharmacognosy III Chemistry of Natural products
Pharmacognosy III Lab Chemistry of Natural products Lab
Pharmaceutical Analysis II Pharmaceutical Engineering II
Pharmaceutical Analysis II Lab Pharmaceutical Engineering II Lab
Pharmaceutical Engineering I Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Pharmaceutical Engineering I Lab Pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab
Anatomy and Physiology II Pharmacology I
Anatomy and Physiology (II) Lab Pharmacology ( I )Lab
Total credits=22 credits Total credits= 21 credits


5th semester 6th semester
Medicinal Chemistry I Medicinal Chemistry II
Medicinal Chemistry I Lab Medicinal Chemistry II Lab
Pharmaceutical Technology I Pharmaceutical Technology II
Pharmaceutical Technology I Lab Pharmaceutical Technology II Lab
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Pharmacology III
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Lab Pharmacology III Lab
Pharmacology II Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Public Health Pharmacy Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Lab
Public Health Pharmacy Fieldwork Biostatistics
Pathophysiology Engineering Drawing
Total credits= 23 credits Total credits=21 credits


7th semester 8th semester
Dosage Form Design Hospital pharmacy
Dosage Form Design Lab Hospital pharmacy Lab
Pharmaceutical Management Drug Delivery System
Pharmacotherapeutics Drug Delivery System Lab
Research Methodology Quality assurance and Instrumental analysis
Literature Survey and Project Design Practical  Quality assurance and Instrumental analysis Lab
Forensic pharmacy Clinical pharmacy
Dispensing and Community Pharmacy Project work
Dispensing and Community Pharmacy Lab
Total credits= 21 credits Total credits=20 credits


Credit :- Sadhna Chhetri


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