How to Apply for E-Passport in Nepal?

How to Apply for E-Passport in Nepal?: It is pretty simple to apply for an e-passport online in Nepal. Presently, everyone has access to the internet and can quickly submit an application. Today, we’ll take it a step further and go through the additional specifics of how to apply for an e-passport online in Nepal. The new e-passport for Nepalese citizens is a biometric passport. The new e-passports will make it easier and more secure for the people of Nepal to transit international borders. To enter other countries, you must have a current e-passport. The Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues electronic passports. The article describes several easy ways to apply for an e-passport online.

To increase security and transparency, e-Passports are chip-enabled passports with biometric identity cards. Similar to other nations, Nepal’s e-passports will simply appear like a regular passport with a chip inside. Therefore, if you plan to travel abroad, you must have an actual passport with you. Using the E-Passport Online Application Form, the District Administrative Office and Department of Passports have issued E-Passports. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Nepal, issues three different types of passports to people. Passport types include:

  1. Ordinary Passport
  2. Diplomatic Passport
  3. Official Passport

Since the last nine months, the government of Nepal has been issuing “e-passports” to its residents. All passport data is kept electronically on a chip that is part of the passport. These electronic passports would protect the biometric information of Nepalese citizens and allow travel across international border crossing points.

How to apply for E-Passport online?

Through the Department of the official website, a person can submit an online application for a Nepali passport. The following is a description of the complete online e-passport application process:

Stage 1. First of all, go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ official website

Stage 2. On the home page, you will find “Apply for Passport.” Then click the option to apply for a passport.

Stage 3. When you’ve finished seeing the new page, go to the category, choose Passport (New Passport), Renew Passport, or Copy, and then click the “Proceed” button below. The form will open when you click “Proceed.”

Stage 4. Complete the application and provide scans of any necessary documentation.

Stage 5. Make a biometric appointment and show up when it’s suitable for you.

Stage 6. Complete the application and pay for it. After that, print the completed form and keep it with you. The time for your biometric is mentioned in the document.

Stage 7. To get a soft copy of your e-passport online form certificate, click the download option.

How to Get an E-Passport Right Away in Nepal?

If Nepalese applicant wants a passport right away, they can submit their application to the Narayanhiti Passport Department in Kathmandu with the permission of the relevant District or Area Administration Office. Through the department’s express service, an emergency passport can be granted within three days.

Minors should be accompanied by a guardian or other adult. You must attend in person and present the following papers together with the application when presenting to the department for speedy service.

  • Online application form
  • Nepali citizenship certificate, original and one copy.
  • Recommendation from the district administration office that includes a photo
  • Fee of E-Passport

How to Check and Change Your Passport Status Online

  • Visit the Department of Passport’s official website at You’ll see the E-Passport home page appear.
  • Now choose the ‘view application’ option on the homepage.
  • Your browser will now take you to a new page where you must input your request number and birth date.
  • Press the search button.
  • Finally, your computer’s screen will display the application status.

Documents are needed for a passport in Nepal

The same paperwork is needed to apply for an online Nepali e-passport as it is for an MRP passport. New candidates must provide any of the following papers as verification of their age and residency.

  • Certificate of Birth
  • Citizenship
  • National ID
  • PP Size of Photograph
  • Voter’s ID Card
Passport Fee Structure for Nepal

The price of an e-passport varies depending on the kind of passport service requested and whether it is routine or urgent. The cost of machine-readable and electronic passports is the same. For diplomatic missions overseas, Nepal has established a separate passport fee. There are separate charges for missing, torn, and younger-than-10-year-old children.

1. New Passport(34 pages)- With a 10-year expiration date obtained from the district administration office 5,000
2. New Passport(66 Page)- With a 10-year expiration date obtained from the district administration office 10,000
3. Emergency New Passport(34 pages)-10 years validity via the Department of Passports in a single day 15,000
4. Emergency New Passport(34 pages)- 10 years validity obtained within two days from the Department of Passports 12,000
5. Emergency New Passport(34 pages)- Within three days from the Department of Passports, 10 years of validity 10,000
6. Duplicate Passport(34 pages)- If the original is misplaced, damaged, or stolen via the DOP (within 1 day). 20,000
7. Duplicate Passport(34 pages)- If the original is misplaced, damaged, or stolen via the DOP (within 2 days). 17,000
8. Duplicate Passport(34 pages)- If the original is misplaced, damaged, or stolen via the DOP (within 3 days). 15,000


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