Application requirements and eligibility for EDV Lottery 2024

EDV Lottery 2024: The US annually grants EDV Lottery or Electronic Diversity Visas. It is the only free and simple to apply for a US immigrant visa. The State Government also urges you to submit the application on your own, or at the very least, to be there so that the information is entered correctly. This Visa can only be applied for electronically, as the name would imply. Nepal is one of the chosen nations eligible for EDV 2024. 3808 Nepalese people were chosen for EDV 2023 last year. You can apply for EDV 2024 from( on this official page. Since EDV Lottery 2024 is approaching, you should get ready to take action.

EDV Lottery 2024: Requirements and Eligibility

The following are a few significant prerequisites to fulfil in order to be eligible to apply for the lottery in 2024.

  • A high school diploma (or its equivalent) or two years of admissible work experience are requirements for entry into the diversity visa program.
  • To ensure that the information on the form corresponds with the information on the passport, you must have a valid passport with you. However, the requirement for passports has been removed for 2024.
  • Birth certificates, educational certificates, work experience certificates, relationship paperwork, medical documents, court and police records, etc. are all examples of other vital documents. During the interview, each of these documents must be provided in its original form.
  • Additionally, required are records of vaccinations and X-rays.
  • The photograph used in the previous EDV lottery is ineligible for the current lottery. Applications submitted before or after the specified deadline will both be rejected.
  • The United States government has ordered that applicants with multiple submissions be excluded.

EDV Lottery 2024 photo requirement

Due to poor photo selections in the Diversity Visa, many applications are refused. So, these are the requirements that must be satisfied while choosing the right photo.

  • 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (22 mm and 35 mm) (600 x 600 pixels) are the dimensions.
  • JPGs up to 240 KB in format
  • During the last six months.
  • Background: Off-white or plain white
  • Basics: Eyes open, daily clothing, neutral attitude, and facing the camera
  • Wearing accessories, a hat, or eyeglasses is not appropriate.

Important face about

Before completing the form, keep in mind the following details regarding the DV lottery: The US Embassy does not email the nominated applicants, nor will it publish a list of the chosen candidates publicly. For the results, you must check the status online. You should be updated on the online side of EDV for the result. Only the directions for the Interview procedure are included in the emails. The email contains information on how to access the Status Check site and find the interview’s date, time, and location. The initial selection does not ensure Visa clearance for the Green card lottery; further criteria must be satisfied. A consular interview determines whether you will be granted a visa after a series of procedures to finish.

Any family members that are left off the paperwork may result in disqualification. Spouses and children under the age of 21 are considered family. Every piece of the mail-in letter is destroyed by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC). During the interview procedure, a $330 non-refundable Diversity Visa fee is necessary. You will receive a sealed immigrant packet with immigration documentation if you are nominated for a visa. With the visa, you become a U.S. citizen with the right to work and reside there permanently (also known as a “green card”). There is no actual influence on the likelihood of winning a DV lottery. Simply said, correctly completing the EDV registration form can improve your DV lottery winning odds.

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