Announcement for Absent Police Personnel from Nepal Police Headquarters

Announcement for Absent Police Personnel from Nepal Police Headquarters. This notification should issue in accordance with Rule 115 of the Police Regulations, 2071. And has been published to inform the public that you, the police personnel of the aforementioned description, are voluntarily absent from the office as of the following date and will return because you have not made contact with the office despite the completion of the process.

Within seven (7) days after the day this notice was published, please present in this office or the office issuing the notice. Include a justifiable explanation for why you were unable to appear, as well as your response. If you violate clause (f) of sub-rule (1) of Rule 113 of the Police Regulations, 2071, you will be terminated from your employment in accordance with Rule 109 of Rule 109 (b) (1) of the Police Regulations.

You should advise by this collective notice that you have been granted a chance to clear for the purposes of Part-4 of Schedule-14 of Police Regulations, 2071. The date of the notice’s first publication is 11 Mangsir 2079.

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