Admission Open in CTEVE for Pre-Diploma Level

Admission Open in CTEVE for Pre-Diploma Level: According to a letter from the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Grading and Affiliation Division, the Examination Control Office conducted the following Pre-Diploma level programs in the educational institutions on the affiliation/approved list in various quotas other than classified (free) scholarships during the academic semester 2079–080.

According to a notice that was published on several days in the Gorkhapatra National Daily and on  Pre-diploma level entrance examination, choosing from candidates on the pass list (Alternative/Cut off/Pass list) of the same quota who participated in the entrance examination based on the merit order of the marks earned in the entrance examination and if the seat is open. The subcommittee was established in the appropriate educational institution in accordance with Section 18 of the Guidelines for Operation. Scholarship Distribution, and Admission, 2079, shall use the work, duties, and rights in accordance with Sections 19 and 20 to develop question papers, administer entrance exams, and publish the results.

Guidelines for the admissions procedure: Admission Open in CTEVE
  • Candidates and applicants who are on the pass list should register the application by attaching a copy of the admission letter and the result sheet available at during business hours on 2079-07-20, and those who intend to take the entrance examination within the same date. The application form for the entrance exam should complete by applicants.
  • When the applicant submits their application to the relevant school, there will be no fee. The candidate’s application should record in the original registration book of the school based on the candidate’s application. along with a copy of the admit card with the candidate’s photo, a printout of the result in the pass list of the candidate published on the website, a copy of the candidate’s educational qualification of SEE or SLC or Technical SLC (TSLC), and the educational qualification of SEE or SLC. Candidates whose applications are not registered within the allotted period will not have their applications considered.
  • Each applicant who has turned in their entrance exam application will receive Rs. 500. The concerned educational institution shall deposit a total sum in the account of the responsible Council. Provincial Office and take a receipt in accordance with Section 28 of the Guideline for Pre-Diploma Level Entrance Examination. Scholarship Distribution, and Admission, 2079.
  • The relevant provincial office of the council will choose and recommend the main examinee from among the candidates of the target category of the pre-diploma level curriculum taken on 2079-05-18 for the academic semester 2079-080 and send it as the main examinee in the case of a classified (free) scholarship quota.
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Note: –
The schools fill out the application form to run the PIE program. That is approve by the council and can now receive a username and password. Sending the official letter of the office to [email protected] to complete the application form in ITMS. For the first time in academic session 2079/080. The aforementioned letter must include the principal’s name, phone number, and email.

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