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“About Love” is written by, Anton Chekhov, born in 1860 and died in 1904, who was a Russian dramatist and short story writer. He had studied medicine in Moscow and later combined his studies with writing short stories, and his first book of stories became successful. His works portray upper-class life in pre-revolutionary Russia.

He was in times of wars like the Crimean and the Russian-Japanese Wars, which made the people live with no great hopes and struggle with the modern economy. Anton Chekhov has an attitude as he claims that he hates violence and lies. There is an open-ended quality to the stories since he frequently writes to Tory about the predicament of the little men in a contemporary, materialistic world.

About Love by Anton Chekhov
About Love by Anton Chekhov

About Loves are a story that discusses various seeds in different relationships and the societal perceptions that shape them. However, the central idea of the lesson traces love as a universal emotion and is bound and conditioned by the norms that govern social beings. The chapter sketches love as the most mysterious of all feelings. This is painful. Konstantinov itches at rest by acting as if urine were around him. The whole story revolves around his affair with Anna Alexeevna, which is the foundation of the story’s core, as the beginning of the story marks the illusion that he is a prosperous man now and has invited his friends Ivan Ivanovitch and Birkin over for breakfast.

The meal served to them is delicious, and they’re having a wonderful time. There enters the cook with a camera, and he is a medium-sized man with a puffy, shaved face and small eyes. He had a violent temper, according to the older man. Johanna Elijah, a very beautiful girl who worked in the hotel, was in Love with this drunk man but didn’t feel like marrying him. The awesome scope of McKenna and Malaysia’s stories contrasts with relationships or Love that are based on the fulfillment of personal and physical desires valued by the lower economic class, and the story of this type of relationship seeks materialistic or economic availability. Malaysia was a beautiful young lady, but she preferred to love Nicanor to fulfill her economic or materialistic requirements. Then the story shifted towards alien life accounts according to Elohim, flowers, and my ankles.


It is a topic that writers and artists have cherished for ages and a lofty emotion that grafts one’s heart with warmth, but again, it is strange. It is a mystery that it doesn’t obey any conditions or religion. Once it works, it is perceived accordingly and has been shaped through the conception of its healed ER: He was a student, and he lived in Moscow with his girlfriend, who always thought about what it had provided for housekeeping and argued about the price of beef, but later I’d go and realize that this materialistic Love was not true and could not go on in this love relationship. It portrays a situation where Love is symbolized to be materialistic.

About Love by Anton Chekhov
About Love by Anton Chekhov

It demands one of the parties fulfill the worldly desires of the other person. Frequently, individuals’ underlying emotions are influenced by their socioeconomic background, causing them to feel compelled to act in this way even when it would be selfish. Han wanted to tell the true story. Despite having a law degree, he was forced to work in the fields because his estate had been mortgaged and his father was deeply in debt. Han had been elected the honorary Justice of the Peace, but he had to work very hard in the fields to the point that he didn’t even leave any unturned. Han pulled all the peasant men and women from the neighboring villages, so he would be fatigued and have no time to indulge in luxury.

So sitting in the courtrooms with their tidy formal coats during court sessions was a luxury for him. Later, when a yeoman was to handle a case of arson, he met Logan Ovitch, who was the assistant president of the circuit court. He was an amiable and charming person. One day, he invited Elio Hen for dinner, and there was where he met Anna Alexeevna, who was again a bitch in life. She was a wise young woman of twenty-two who had just had her first baby.

Six months ago, all yahan instantly got attracted to this beautiful woman who was kind, beautiful, and intelligent for a yahan. She was a fascinating woman that I had ever come across. Her eyes drew his attention immediately. The couple made him eat as much as he could. They were very generous and, most importantly, they were glad to have a guest after dinner. They even played a duet on the piano, and later, Johan drove back home.

As the Lugano and the elderly grew closer, the Laguna would provide him with things like studs, cigarettes, and lamps and were always ready to help him economically. They were very unhappy with Yogin as he had no suitable job for what he deserved for his degree. Later, Johan would return with fowl butter and flowers as a gift to the Lagana, but Anna and I consecutively got closer to each other and often spent our time together behind this yo-yo hand. They would even go to the theaters together and sit with their shoulders touching each other’s, but as time went by, I realized that things would never work out the way they wished now.

Anna had already had her second child, another baby girl, and grew depressed. Anna was occupied with discontent and her disability to provide a Yohan with herself. She seemed bothered and started displaying an odd irritation towards Elohim. She was unhappy, distressed, and depressed as the doctors examined her. Finally, they told her that she had to leave for Crimea, where she could get a peaceful environment. It was time Anna left for Crimea, so Lagana Richard sold their property, as he too had to go for the restaurant provinces by the end of August.

About Love by Anton Chekhov
About Love by Anton Chekhov

As soon as her husband and kids said farewell to her, Anna and her family were taken to Crimea. She left for the train, but Lohan had intentionally forgotten to keep a basket. So he went into the compartment to place the basket, and their eyes met. Their hearts connected instantly—the spiritual strength of the actual broken and their. Anna rested herself in the audience, her cheers gently rolling down with the eyes of the two. It could be a farewell that would cost the two all the strength they had left while the human left Anna and Bryn in another compartment where he stayed crying until the new station arrived.

Yahan got down at the next station and walked home to himself and to party forever. The love relationship between Anna and Dell yahan sketches idealism that concerns no selfishness. It is their deeds which evoke the subtlety that conveys the purity of their relationship. They feel care and happiness for each other. However, they were concerned about the other person’s contentment later, and I had to suffer from depression because she became helpless conditioned by her disability. To fulfill the situational matter of Love and emotional breakthrough fractured the stability of the concerned character, and she had to part.

Thus, as the climax concerns modern and societal values, they could not overpower the emotional values, and the character had to get over their emotions. Meanwhile, Allergan is a busy person who’s as well-referred to as a squirrel in the cage when rushing around his vast estate rather than getting a good job. Still, there are mysteries and the minds of lovers and commoners that are forever for the mystery of Love.


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