Aaryan Achhami (A-Levels Non-Science student at Chelsea Int’l Academy): So, You passed your SEE and you are waiting for your results, College is still far away. A few months ahead at least, and you are trying to make the most from your holidays. You take bridge courses, you take vocational training, you take classes for music and dances and any other things that you are interested in. You try and surround yourself with learning all these new things. Everything seems to work out as you have imagined. But at the end of the day your mind, that independent entity of yours shifts its attention towards college decisions. You start thinking about the college you would admit to, you think about the streams that you would take, be it Science, Management or Humanities. You think about it all. You also get a glimpse of yet another type of curriculum. Different than your traditional NEB course, A-levels!

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