5 Best Consultancy For Canada

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Canada is the second largest country known for providing quality education. This country is efficient for students interested in studying abroad.

Several options for study provide globally recognized qualifications. Compared to other countries, the cost of studying in Canada is lower.

In the context of Nepalese people, You can work 20 hours a week, allowing you to gain more experience. To apply in Canada, you have to go through several processes.

You must have your academic and financial documentation with your passport. You can process there as an international student.

Before moving further I would like to mention about

Edwise Foundation

Edwise Foundation is a feasible agency for you if you are planning to increase Nepalese student enrolment and global engagement activities. Despite the poorest economy, Nepal has recently become one of the major source countries to send students to the USA, Australia, Canada, and a few others. Our recruitment efforts are geared towards reaching out to students who are financially viable and academically well set up.
Edwise follows global standards in advising and recruiting services as endorsed by AIRC – American International Recruitment Council. We also comply with following NAFSA Statement of Ethical Practices. Our Advisors are extremely competent in terms of understanding the education system in the USA and other countries (Australia and Canada), who have pursued their academic and professional careers in these countries. They also hold professional qualifications like USATC, QEAC, CCEA, and others. We promote your programs via advertisements and college/university visits to attract quality but right-fit clients. We also organize student sessions, college/university visits, and fairs on a regular basis.

If you are planning to move to Canada Edwise Foundation will be the perfect destination for you.

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Edwise Foundation;

Shubhashree Complex 6th & 7th floor New Plaza, Kathmandu

Phone Number: +977-1-4528908,1-4524916,

Email: info@edwisefoundation.com

website https://edwisefoundation.com


For processing in Canada, there are many consultancies. To know about the best consultancies, here is the list of the best consultancies for Canada.


1. CIC Education Hub

This consultancy is an educational consultancy that helps students choose the best institution in Canada. It is the leading consultancy in Canada. They have experts who know Canada’s study. They have educated professors helping to provide many ideas about how to make visas successful.

The CIC Education Hub provides advice and also in paperwork for visa applications. The location of this institute is in Putalisadak Kathmandu. The main thing about this consultancy is the staff are friendly and never hesitate to explain the confusion arising during visa application. It is Nepal Nepal-based education consultancy.

Location: Putalisadak, Kathmandu

Phone number: 01-5332834

Website: www.ciceducationhub.com

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2. International Career Counseling

This consultancy is the best consultancy for Canada.  The establishment of this institute was in 2014.  This consultancy has a high reputation who are interested in learning in Canada. The location of this college is in Kamladi, Kathmandu.

This consultancy is always ready to help students who want to study in Canada. They assist the student with initial settlement after obtaining Visa. They help by providing advice from experts. It is the oldest consultancy with the best team, educational advisor, and document reviewers.

Location: Kaladi, Kathmandu

Phone number: 01-4528493

Website: www.icccedu.com

3. Nepal Educational Consultancy

The establishment of this consultancy was in 2001, and it has a high record in career guidance. This consultancy consists of a top-trained counsellor. They help the students in preparation classes. This consultancy provides IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE classes.

After the process, they help in the entire documentation process. The staff will help you in finding a forward answer to your question. They provide live training with certified analyst certification and platform setup. They provide Visa success stories to their clients.

Location: Putalisadak, Kathmandu

Phone number: 01-5910770

Website: www.nepalec.edu.np

Canada Seasonal Work Visa will be open from 9th January 2023

4. Nepal International Educational Consultancy

NIEC, one of the leading consultancies, can pursue its inspiration in different countries. This consultancy has a link with Canada, Australia, the United States, and Ireland. They have highly educated counselors. They help the students in every step, from interviews to checking documentation.

Also, they help to find the best university in Canada where they are linked. This consultancy counsels the students and helps them with a lengthy processing system. The main aim of  NIEC is to provide the best outcome for each study and have a bright future in Canada.

Location: 4th-floor share market, Putalisadak, Kathmandu

Phone Number: 9801030907

Website: www.niec.edu.np

5. Goreto Educational Consultancy

The location of this consultancy is New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. They provide all the necessary knowledge to the student to study in Canada. The aim is to make the students feel secure when they visit the Goreto office.

They help with every task and settle the student in Canada. They also have an office in Toronto. Also, they act as a link between students and Canadian universities. So there are worries if you are thinking of studying in Canada.

Location: New Bansehwor, Kathmandu

Phone Number: 01-4483252

Website: www.goreto.edu.np


In conclusion, For Nepali students who desire to study in Canada, there are numerous possibilities. Canada is a fantastic destination for education.

When you’re in school, you can work 20 hours a week, which is a terrific opportunity to get experience. You need a passport, academic transcripts, and financial records to apply. You can apply with the assistance of several consultants.

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