36 Companies Ready to Launch Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

36 Companies Ready to Launch Initial Public Offerings (IPO). The status of the stock market is unstable. Both banks and financial institutions suffer from a lack of liquidity. The election atmosphere is peaked, and the securities market is gradually growing. The number of businesses seeking to sell common shares has increased as a result of government facilitation and new legal regulations (IPO). Just based on the number of applications submitted to the Nepal Securities Board, 36 companies wish to offer common shares. That corporation sold 15 billion 90 million 718 thousand rupees’ worth of shares.

26 businesses in the hydropower industry are among the ones selling common shares. On the Nepal Stock Exchange, there are already around forty companies in the hydropower industry. As investment in the hydropower industry has continued to grow in recent days, it is only logical that the number of businesses looking to sell common shares will rise. Several hydropower firms, including Modi Energy, Mechyang Hydropower, Upper Lohare Hydropower, Maikhola Hydropower, Chirkhuwa Hydro, Geography Energy, Upper Sange Rewa Energy, and Sagarmatha Energy, have planned to offer common shares. Similar to Reliable Life Insurance, Best Cement, Sonapur Mirrors, Nepal Republic Media, Dis Media Network, Hathaway Investment, Ted Tower, City Hotel, and Ghorahi Cement, these companies have also made preparations for the sale of common shares.

36 Companies Ready to Launch Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

According to the board, self-sufficient microfinance institutions and BPW microfinance institutions are both anticipating the sale of common shares. The board has already been given authority to sell shares in five different firms totaling one billion, four crores, 65 lakhs, and 75 thousand. A few of these businesses have already sold common shares. People’s Hydropower Company has only lately begun selling its common shares. The board has given the business authority to sell common shares worth 3 billion, and 20 million to locals and other interested parties.

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