18-Year-Old Entrepreneur Shreyaan Daga (OLL Founder) Impresses Sharks on ‘Shark Tank India 2

Shreyaan Daga, 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur and OLL Co-Founder on Shark Tank India Season 2. The 18-year-old is able to get a deal from the shark tank which most entrepreneur is dream about.

Youngest Pitcher Impresses Judges

One of the youngest contestants on Shark Tank India Season 2, Shreyaan Daga left a lasting impression on the judges with his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. At just 18 years old, Daga founded his online learning company, OLL, and despite a few judges backing out due to concerns over scaling, Peyush Bansal and Vineeta Singh offered INR 30 lakh for 5% equity.

Reflecting on his experience on the show, Daga shared that while everything went well, he still feels like he could have done better. He has received an outpouring of support from his school and teachers, with his school principal even calling him the “next Ambani.”

Ambitions to Buy Unacademy or Byjus

One of the highlights of Daga’s appearance on the show was his bold declaration that he wanted to one day buy Unacademy or Byjus. The statement drew shocked reactions from the judges but also received messages from employees of these companies inquiring about joining OLL due to dissatisfaction with their current work culture.

Formal Degree from Shark Tank

For Daga, his appearance on Shark Tank India serves as his “formal degree.” He had hoped to have Peyush Bansal or Aman Gupta as investors, and while he is happy to have Peyush and Vineeta on board, the deal is currently on hold due to the valuation of OLL being reevaluated.

Daga shared that he values investors who can add value to his company over money, and is working to come to a mutually beneficial agreement with all parties involved.

The Name OLL

The name OLL came from students referring to the company as Online Live Learning, and the team decided to run with it due to its similarities to successful companies such as Ola, OLX, and Oyo. The name also fits with the company’s goal of providing learning in all types of skills. What sets of skill does OLL deal with? to answer that OLL focus on basic skills that are the potential for personal grooming and income-generating skills:

Here are some skills that OLL teach

Digital Marketing

Video Editing


Language Classes


Graphic Designing & Animation 


Final Thoughts

Kpadhne is also willing to do something like this in Nepal and looking for an opportunity to start. Skills development is making in our education system. Most of our schools and colleges teach us to be an employee, not business owners. Financial literacy and freedom are a must for students as well after +2. Like OLL Kpadhne also provide Blogging courses free in Nepal so that one can earn money by blogging in Nepal. Will OLL be successful? Time will tell, but this 18-year boy surprises the sharks.  Will Shark Tank Nepal start in Nepal?